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MaxineJewelry: What is it?

It is an online retailer of jewellery, men's jewellery, wedding bands, wedding sets, moissanite, and other items. Before choosing it as your shopping destination, there are numerous things you should understand about it. The business's address is listed as Room 904, Block H6, Yahe Purple Sunshine, Mingguang Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China on its contact page. There is no exact match for this address on Google Maps, and there is no mention of a MaxineJewelry business on or near the partial match address either.

Another address is listed as Room 306, Building 3, Shuangweiyingbin Plaza, 164 Weiyang AvenueXian, Shaanxi Province, China on its return and exchange policy website. This address is not exactly matched by Google Maps either. Therefore, we won't trust them for any kind of online shopping.

However, it states on its Terms of Service website that its services are subject to the laws of the United States, despite the fact that both of the addresses listed are Chinese. This information absolutely conflicts. After all, why should any Chinese corporation be subject to American law?

Exchanges and Returns

For the return and exchange of things, it has a Return and Exchange Policy that is deemed to be quite unreasonable. It has been noted that the buyer is responsible for paying the return shipping fees. Therefore, due to their unclear provisions, it is practically difficult to receive your entire cash back from these types of websites.

Delivery and Complaints from Customers

According to complaints from users of websites identical to this one regarding customer service and delivery times, these websites are also of very poor quality.

Our Final Conclusion

We can infer that MaxineJewelry is one of the dubious websites for the reasons listed above.

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These days, a number of brand-new internet retailers claim to offer a wide range of goods at steep discounts, but the most of them are frauds. Due to the fact that most new online stores don't deliver the things their customers have purchased, it is therefore best to avoid them or at the very least do some research before making a purchase.

Some fraudulent internet retailers have even debited customers' credit cards at random without their permission. In order to secure your credit card information, we advise you to alert your bank or credit card company right away if you have ever made an errorneous transaction from a scam website.

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